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Pregnancy & Childbirth


Homeopathy is safe to use during all stages of pregnancy and is very useful for treating many common but troublesome complaints that can naturally occur. It is also excellent for treating general ailments such as colds and hayfever as many conventional medications are not allowed to be taken during pregnancy.

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    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome






    Morning Sickness

    Stress Incontinence

    Strep B

    Symphis Pubis (SPD)

    Varicose Veins

Just because your pregnant doesn't mean you will not be susceptible to illness and many over the counter medications advise against taking them when you are pregnant. Homeopathy is an excellent alternative from treating coughs and colds to skin complaints. It is safe and effective.

Homeopathy can also help prospective mothers as well as fathers with the emotional adjustment of impending parenthood by balancing emotions and hormones.

Homeopathy can be beneficial during pregnancy even if you do not have any illnesses. The healthy pregnancy plan ivolves taking remedies at regular intervals during your pregnancy to maintain optimum health for you and your baby.

  • The healthy pregnancy plan

    Tissue Salts are specific remedies that can be safely taken in pregnancy to nourish and support you and your baby.

    These remedies also promote elasticity of the skin, strengthen veins and increasing the body's natural ability to absorb iron reducing the likelihood of stretch marks, varicose veins, haemorrhoids and anemia.

    For more information about tissue salts please contact me directly. Click here

  • Homeopathy During Childbirth

    Homeopathy can provide you with an excellent form of pain relief during childbirth as well as alleviate nausea, fear, irritability and exhaustion, enabling you to remain calm and focused throughout the birth of you baby.

    Homeopathy can aslo strengthen contractions if they slow down or restart them if they stop at any stage during the birth.

    You can use homeopathy alongside gas and air, pethadine or an epidural without reducing their effectiveness. Many women feel that they can acheive a natural birth with the help of homeopathic remedies and find that they make a speedy recovery afterwards especially if they continue to use remedies during the postnatal period too.

  • Why Not Buy A Homeopathic Childbirth Kit?

    This kit includes the specific homeopathic remedies to treat a wide range of conditions that may arise during childbirth.

    A self explanatory booklet is enclosed illustrating what to take and when which can also be explained during the free consultation (can take place at my clinic or over the phone).

    Homeopathic support and advice is also on hand if required.

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