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Mother & Baby


Homeopathy is excellent during the Postnatal period for speeding recovery after childbirth as well as helping with feeding difficulties and stabilising hormones and emotions. Click here for more info


  • Baby blues

    Pulsatilla 30c

    Very tearful, causless crying needs alot of comfort and attention.

    Sepia 30c

    Irritability and tiredness. snappy towards partner and other children.

    Staphysagria 30c

    Traumatic delivery with medical intervention.

  • Haemorrhoids

    Hamamelis 30c

    Profuse bleeding with bruised sensation.

    Sepia 30c

    Bleeding with irritability and discomfort.


    Belladonna 30c

    For shock and healing followed by remedies below where appropriate.

    Bryonia 30c

    Scalds, burns which blister with severe smarting pains.

    Phytolacca 30c

    Burns with continuous stinging pain.

  • colic

    Colocynth 30c

    Pain, baby draws legs up to try and pass wind.

    Chamomilla 30c

    Very distressed and angry baby, baby arches back with the pain.

    Lycopodium 30c

    Baby full of wind, sleeps all day and awake all night.

  • milk spots

    Sulphur 30c

    Lots of spots with whiteheads. If after 5 days there is no improvement try Silicea 30c.

  • teething

    Chamomilla 30c

    Irritability and anger, one cheek red, difficult to pacify, nasty nappies.

    Calc Phos 6x

    Teeth slow to appear or eases process of dentition.

    Nux Vomica 30c

    Irritability and constipation.

    Pulsatilla 30c

    Teetheing alternating with snotty cold or ear pain.

  • thrush

    Calendula Tincture

    Dilute 5 drops in small amount of cool boiled water and apply to sore patches in mouth.

    Borax 30c

    Take at first outbreak of thrush.

    Mercurius 30c

    Increased saliva, and trembling tongue.

  • cradle cap

    Sulphur 30c

    Scalp dry and hot.

    Graphites 30c

    Scalp encrusted with honey coloured discharge.


    Thick, leathery crusts on the scalp.

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