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It is becoming increasingly common for individuals to suffer from digestive complaints such as bloating, painful cramps, constipation and diarrhea.  Unfortunately medical advice is limited and often a diagnosis of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is given.  The doctor will often prescribe medication for the pain and bowel dysfunction but this only treats the symptoms and does not address the root cause.

Digestive problems are usually a result of food intolerances which can occur for a variety of reasons.  However the types of food that causes IBS can vary from individual to individual.

Stress and a poor diet are common causes of IBS as a lack of fresh raw fruit and vegetables can reduce the levels of digestive enzymes in the gut.  Therefore food is not broken down properly causing bloating and discomfort.  When we are stressed we don’t eat properly or eat a lot of refined or processed foods that lack valuable nutrients.  Often we increase our intake of alcohol, caffeine and over the counter medications such as headache or indigestion tablets.  All of these things can upset the balance of digestive enzymes, gut bacteria and stomach acid.

For the stomach to effectively breakdown food and absorb nutrients there must be adequate levels of stomach acid (hcl), digestive enzymes and gut bacteria.  If anyone of these is low then physical symptoms can occur and food intolerances can be triggered.

Medications can decrease the levels of gut bacteria which fight toxins, yeast and moulds that we digest from our food.  Good levels of gut bacteria support our immune system and if they are compromised then the body is vulnerable to disease.

Successful treatment can be achieved with a food intolerance screening to determine what foods could be causing difficulties.  A nutritional assessment screening is always carried out alongside the food intolerance screening so that we can determine if there are any problems with digestive enzymes, Hcl, acidophilus (gut bacteria) and vitamin and mineral absorption.

Additional supplementation may be required as part of your treatment plan and this may only be necessary for a short period of time.  All supplements are an additional cost to your screening.



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